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Visual doorbell is arranged to ensure home furnishing
2012-06-25 09:52:48


When a child or elderly people at home alone, if someone knocks on door, should be how to deal with, if your family install visual doorbell, this problem is solved successfully, when a stranger knocked at the door, we can through visual doorbell dialogue with caution, after know each other in the door. The following is often appear in the burglary case.

1some bad people posing as the postman, salesman, maintenance workers, lie to open the door, burglary or other bad things. At the same time to observe, remember the stranger height, appearance, clothing, so that necessary alarm. Can also give parents, neighbors, the neighborhood or local police station call.

2if the claim is that your parents colleagues, and call out your name and the names of your parents, also should raise vigilance, not open the door, but you can ask he has what thing, down to tell my parents.

3 as bad for various reasons to break into the house, under the condition of guaranteeing the security of person, with bad wits. If your house door after locking, using the phone report, should pay attention to clear your detailed address; can also be used to bad away, but want to remember the bad height, appearance, and promptly report. But don't with bad recklessly, pay attention to the protection of their lives and the personal safety

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