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Visual doorbell market demand
2012-06-19 09:34:37


Urbanization construction for wireless video intercom to great opportunity, from 2010 onwards, the national large-scale urban and rural construction, rural to city transformation, increase the real estate construction, therefore, to laying facilities demand is increasing. In order to drive the building intercom video intercom industry, to create business opportunities.

According to the source statistics, to small and medium-sized city based real estate construction will increase substantially, this means that the two or three line or four line city city real estate industry will usher in the great development opportunities, these regional municipal infrastructure construction will also usher in a new round of development, building intercom as one of important members of the residential facilities, certainly will in the new market opportunity. Building intercom products from90 time, later period begins in the community have been favored, although more than 80% of the intercom products are used in the city, but the demand for products with annual 30% rate increases, with the urbanization process, the 2012building intercom products application area will be greater, it also reflected civilian security demand gradually the big trend.

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