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Visual doorbell to music everywhere
2012-09-06 09:51:23


The room is filled with soft music play graceful, chronological trouble and fatigue while flow between the disappearance of be flung to the four winds; when the wife put breakfast do Kung Fu, the rest of the family was still in bed, the music and happy to fill into every room ... ... How can live without music? Not only rest to listen, visual-speaking meal to listen to, matter, study to the toilet, and should also have music. Family background music, let this chronological became about.

The cultural level pumping background music.

In the star hotels, music has been placed in external decoration system, great hall, corridor, dining room, bedroom, background music everywhere. In recent years, as people living standard forward, people also more and more attention to indoor decoration and peace peace and civilization level, the music gradually become residents of smart decoration element. The reporter visited the city each big supermarket invention, audio, home theater and other audio-visual appliances by more and more consumers love. Visual intercom according to Gome success square store salesperson introduction, the annual decoration season, are visual configuration impatient Kung Fu, to come to the advisory and procurement customers to continue. Rated is a recent years, background music by fitting method to enter the common people home has become a kind of fashion.

Install technology simple appliance selection is the key

The so-called family background music, visual speaking roughly speaking, that is in the living room of any room, including the kitchen, toilet and balcony, all set background music line, via a plurality of sound source, let each room to hear good background music. According to the Jamo sound coherent careful introduction, family background music, belonging to the family of intelligent decoration part, step line and audiovisual configuration selection is the key. In order to guarantee room is elegant, as general should go dark line. It is necessary to, before decorate plan and wiring, and root decoration end, also need to debug. While the audio options like general choice is a wall-mounted, the horn is a ceiling type, placed in each of four corners of the room or two, video intercom is installed in the bathroom and kitchen tops, audio-visual configuration also detailed waterproof and oil fume, so to guarantee the effect of background music.

Self control switch excellent audio-visual effect

In addition, visual doorbell provided background music, the best resolution device console and room control station. As a result of each room is installed control station alone, can be independently controlled this room switch, also can adjust the volume size. If the parents in the sitting room, play music, do not want to affect in the bedroom a child, can be directly to the sleep room console button open, so in addition the room will not be suffered to nuisance, not affect the family study or rest. Ordinary computer, TV, DVD, VCD, CD as background music source, convenient and practical at the same time, video intercom audio effect also has very great progress.

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