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Visual doorbell wiring problems
2012-10-05 08:11:58


In the wiring problems, different manufacturers have different wiring way, to the user will become very troublesome, and wireless video doorbell does not need wiring, easy to use simple, wired doorbell wiring installation is needed, however, different manufacturers cable visual doorbell wiring way. General doorbell wiring is the four core wire wiring can be, if a host dragged several indoor machine, the indoor machine and the indoor machine requires eight core wires. As for a plurality of outdoor machine driving multiple indoor machines. Some manufacturers bell needs to be equipped with a power adapter, some do not, this detailed advisory manufacturers only know.

Wireless video doorbell due to the use of the 2.4G public frequency band transmission data, does not need wiring, installation is simple and convenient, if your house has been decorated, and do not want to wiring, wireless video doorbell is a good choice.

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