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Visual intercom doorbell FAQ summary
2012-07-02 10:20:09


In the long-term use of visual intercom doorbell, problems are inevitable, the following is a summary of common problems, for reference.

A voice disorder image display is not clear.

During a call discontinuous, or sound fuzzy situation, appear this kind of circumstance is generally signal problem, check whether the normal indoor machine signal, signal full case, can be a normal conversation,

The image is the same principle, because the wireless doorbell visual2.4G technology is a variety of terminal application, so often appear to signal interference, resulting in image display abnormal.

Two. The unlocking anomaly

In the first installation cannot lock, which may be the bell voltage and lock voltage does not support, so at the time of purchase, we must ask what business, bell with what kind of lock.

In use in unlocking abnormalities, first of all need to check, the indoor machine and the outdoor machine link is normal or not, if the link is normal, you need to check the outdoor machine and lock the links are short.

In four, the indoor machine and the outdoor machine lost communication.

Firstly, considering the error operation problem, when the indoor machine according to the Qing code key will cause communication problems, it is required to put the outdoor machine also presses the Qing code button. In the visual doorbell use for long periods of time, will appear this kind of circumstance,

Similarly to the indoor machine and the outdoor machine to the Qing code.

Above summarizes the visual doorbell may return to the problems, hoping to meet the users useful.

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