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Visual intercom doorbell use and maintenance
2012-06-06 08:26:59


As daily necessities, visual doorbell maintenance necessary, proper maintenance can increase the service life of the doorbell rang the doorbell, with the view of common use and maintenance method.

1visitors, visitors from the outdoor machine video is automatically transmitted to the indoor machine, the user can then interior and call, requiring the visitor entered, can press the unlock button within 0machine, voice hang-up image is stopped.

2 and the telephone, the microphone of indoor machine also needs to be placed in the receiving line switch, or your visitors cannot call.

3 if unforeseen circumstances, press the alarm button of the indoor machine, the indoor machine will emit a continuous alarm sound, can cause the attention of neighbors.

4when the indoor machine and the outdoor machine has obvious dust, use a damp cloth, do not let water into the fuselage, has led to an electrical short circuit.

The 5indoor machines video contrast, brightness, no need to set up, general factory has good debugging, tones can be based on user preferences change.

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