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Visual intercom industry standard
2012-06-07 09:14:56


Building intercom gradually with the size of the market, but the building standard is not clear, the lack of communication technology, the technology of unified, led directly to the repair building system is very difficult to buy accessories, building intercom system standardization and how? As well as the importance of standardization? In the following I will provide you one one

At present, the state of building industry did not have rigid standard, while the international does not have the building industry to establish a standard, this environment, leads to confusion of the standards, every company that has actual strength, hope to own technology to develop industry standards, and this idea often is difficult to reach a consensus, so that now on the market of visual intercom technology is still in business technology.

In the enterprise at the same time, the market is still mixed with a lot of three five products, they put the second-hand property system the original simple processing, while sales in the market, a low price for users of the pro-gaze, and these product life tend to be very short, later by not maintenance, returned to for the user again caused a greater loss, so hung trillion electron recommends that users who buy the brand building products.

Talkback building industry standardization may also need time, and for users to choose, we choose a brand the intercom system, in order to avoid maintenance unnecessary trouble, at the same time, hung trillion electron industry will spare no effort to promote the building intercom industry technology development, to provide power for industry standardization.

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