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Visual intercom system running environment
2012-07-14 10:12:01


As a section of electronic products, video intercom system for operating environment also have certain requirements, overheating or too cold areas are not suitable for the use of visual intercom system, below is the visual intercom system specification.

1work environment

operating temperature range: -15° C and +55° C

II operating humidity range: not more than 85%

2machine maintenance

maintain surface cleaning machine, the dust can be a soft dry cloth to wipe;

clean indoor machine, please turn off the power switch;

The machine hard surface with different dry cloth to remove dirt, can be used with the dilute neutral detergent to clean soft towel, wipe with dry cloth;

do not use benzene, thinner or gasoline and other organic solvent cleaning, the solvent may destroy the machine shell or caused by the machine and press key surface discoloration.

3points for attention

the machine should be placed in the firm, good ventilation, air drying, no sunlight, no strong magnetic field and dust;

do not use chemicals to clean the surface, should use clean soft dry cloth;

avoid as much as possible at the same time hold a plurality of keys;

The outdoor machine and the indoor machine need to specify the type of supporting the use of;

do not privately disassemble the machine.

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