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Weakened security challenges of the industry is not for the death of bin Laden
2011-05-05 10:00:56


Bin Laden is dead, and Al-Qaida all over the world every corner of the over-abundance of terrorist organizations, large and small are still there, bin Laden's successor in action, counter-terrorism situation remain complicated and grim. United States United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Secretary, Defense Secretary-designate laiangpaneita 2nd terrorist warning, called for greater efforts to security measures, and cautioned that bin Laden death may provoke retaliatory action within the framework of the world.

Death of bin Laden meant that intensify security measures without delay to the security industry. In recent years, there is an increasing emphasis on family safety precautions and security in the construction of high-speed rail, highway construction, underground urban rail, urban intelligent traffic, large-scale activities, environmental monitoring, management, campus community of family breakdown in the industry is also growing, peaceful community peace City project is the development of security market offers new opportunities for the family. As the Internet prevalence, recent security enterprises get Internet express things blew up a unit wave of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of the security industry.

Sophisticated security technology standards and specifications, will go to the social security administration system transformation of control system, shift from a prior control over the past simple as before and combination of controls.

PS:10 terrorist hengbenladeng 6 years called death on May 1 by the United States eliminated, and burial at Sea North of Arab waters. When the terrorist mastermind was head shot in the US after the shot, gun battles that lasted nearly 40 minutes immediately ended. Bin Laden is dead, it was concerned, it was gratifying. The 9.11 tragedy for the families of the victims, this is the moment to justice has been done on the security industry, his death does not mean that the era of terrorism nor the end of the world from the fight against terrorism will be smooth sailing. The contrary, the death of bin Laden to the global situation increases the complexity and uncertainty of more. Security industry faces great challenges.

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