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What IPv6 technology for security
2011-06-13 08:56:56
Networking is one of the direction of future development of security industry. With the continuous strengthening of social security, now both in public places, industries, markets and security of terminal equipment is the number of families are difficult to gauge. Current IP CCTV analog video monitoring is more and more flexible digital surveillance system gradually replaced. Gradually expanding the scope of application of network monitoring, many professional users demands for monitoring have not only satisfied with local networking monitoring, but on the basis of the existing local network monitoring, require provincial and even national-wide cross-regional networking of monitoring. As a part of the world a variety of network equipment, security network must use the TCP/IP Protocol, to access the network, whether by LAN or Wan, you must have a unique identity within the network: IP address. Obviously, IPv4 has been unable to meet the growing demand for IP address allocation, only IPv6 in order to fundamentally resolve the problem.

IPv6 technology as an alternative to solve the shortage of IP address allocation, also improves network infrastructure performance and quality. For example, IPv6 uses smaller routing tables, can improve the speed of the router forwards the packet, to monitoring business require a high level of real-time video is very useful; support of IPv6 multicast support is enhanced and convection, facilitate the forwarding of the video stream and control; IPv6 has a higher degree of security, you can know is illegal theft of video surveillance data. If the popularity of IPv6 technology is imperative, then within the security industry, which security product or platform is expected to take the lead in IPv6 age? predictable, traditional DVR products, new IP Camera products and NVR products access major platforms (such as the world's eyes, wide horizon, zhongxing platform, and so on). If the platform supports IPv6 technology, necessary on security products take the lead in IPv6 is a strong catalyst in the era.

This is the security industry to a new round of technological revolution! of IPv6-based network video monitoring can be accomplished, mainly in the following four areas: first, network video monitoring system based on IPv6 technology, with CIF, CIF, D1, and other video resolution and can meet the user requirements for high definition images. System can implement any conversion between image quality in the CIF and D1, allowing multiple remote users to multiple webcam control actions through a Web browser (Browse, playback, control PTZ, lens adjustment), supports mutual authentication capability between the surveillance cameras and access to the Terminal, support the Adaptive image transmission quality control. Network video monitoring system based on IPv6 technology also has good access authentication, authentication and billing capabilities, deny non-trusted user networks, supports a variety of billing, with good service acceptance, system operations, maintenance, and management features such as fault reporting. Second, wireless network monitoring system based on IPv6: have a variety of wireless broadband access technology, to achieve a complete architecture, communication services, quality assurance, and flexible scalability of broadband wireless monitoring and control system, implementation of IPv6 Wireless metropolitan area network based voice communications and multimedia transmission service. Support 802.16, 802.16A/d, 802.16e and IPv6 wireless base station prototype devices, grouped supports IPv6 routing features, support the MPLS feature.

Third, based on IPv6 network video conferencing system will have all the features required for video conferencing, network voice and video can all Exchange, convenient remote conference management, convenient file transfer, by means of a PC Internet, media and communications experience to an entirely new user. IV, IPv6-based network video server: System support multimedia services and streaming media business, according to the user needs to provide bandwidth and user-level priority management abilities, reasonable scheduling and use of resources within the system, adapting to address NGI and NGN characteristics or numbering scheme. Interoperable with existing network implementation of video conference system, provides digital rights protection mechanisms, with a mechanism to protect the interests of source provider.

Also mentioned before, features maximum IPv6 technology provides the additional IP address space. Network monitor security industry, compared with the traditional monitoring system, with increased flexibility and scalability, relying on existing network resources to easily realize real-time remote monitoring; compared with hard disk recorders, it has incomparable advantages of network transmission, and embedded systems have to worry about viruses. But it should be noted that network more to rely on network quality monitoring system would be affected by the effects of bandwidth and network stability, network video server is still not fully play its own advantages, such as in the case of low bandwidth, won't get a very good video quality.

In addition to the above cases, IPv6 technology after such rich IP address resources, and enhanced network security, network monitoring devices will bring more convenience, make it more independent and more convenient to install, system security, effectively prevent data leakage, which make it more secure and reliable network monitoring in the future.

Previous network monitoring devices, limited by scarce resources on the network IP, remote monitoring, to large-scale application (such as in family) a certain difficulties. IPv6 technology will change this directly, it can make a

Network video server has a separate IP address, and has a separate IP network video server lets public network becomes more convenient. In any place in the world, as long as the Internet, we can readily realize remote monitoring to the public Internet.

Development of IPv6 technology also saves network bandwidth occupied by the data flow, which makes network monitoring in the future, even in situations with limited network resources, can also get better audio and video effects. For example, Rong Shuo technology present video service.
Works device is look Yu future of IPv6 technology and development of, video server has completed support IPv6 technology prepared and can online upgrade, can in remote low bandwidth of situation Xia real-time of transmission entertainment level DVD picture quality of monitoring video, its unique of will code flow technology, makes even in network quality does not stability of situation Xia, also can transmission clear stability of video flow, and, network monitoring of can extended sexual, and remote transmission, advantage as IPv6 of widely application also will increasingly highlights out.

With the development of IPv6 technology, abundant and inexpensive IP resources, generates more network products, such as with network function of the intelligent home. In future, each appliance is in the House has a separate IP address in the Internet we can monitor and control all home, such as by a network control system of water heater, microwave oven, miles away, enjoy the convenience of network brings us.

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