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Why should the intelligent construction of family housing
2011-09-17 09:21:04

1, the intelligent use of the family - to meet the rapid development of modern social development needs.
With the fast pace of modern social life of people struggling to work, communication and other activities, more people have time to spend in their daily lives at home the extra time and effort. People often want to have a more convenient, comfortable, safe way of life, so that the physical and mental fatigue to rest, enjoy more leisure time. For example, home from work, rice cooker rice has cooked for you automatically. Summer, open the door, air conditioning has been reduced to room temperature in advance ... ...

2, the intelligent use of the family - the owners to protect the safety
Today's society, people are seeking independent living space, and hope that their lives have good privacy, refused to be disturbed by outsiders. On the other hand, let their own safety and property security. Centralized control system using intelligent one-click surveillance mode, when the alarm sounded when the intrusion of outsiders, and the system will stop dialing the preset phone alarm to protect your property or personal safety.

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