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Will digital building intercom residential and distribution system
2011-04-22 09:07:27
In China, the construction of intelligent community started relatively late, but the development is changing. With the popularity of the Internet, many community now has an optical fiber home, increasing residential, property management has become increasingly important in the community, which guard on duty, visitors registration management method is not suitable for the modern management of demand for fast, convenient and safe. Nowadays, building intercom is no longer only for new buildings, in the field of home security is a high-rise building or a cottage in old liberated areas also need a smart system to get into every household, to provide safe and convenient life.

Old community because of lack of security facilities, community officer in miscellaneous, burglaries occur from time to time. This building intercom well, previous ad, sell what everyone in the building doors, losing things thing not rare.

At present, the building intercom as the community basic configuration of the system of intelligent building, in the design of new living houses, some cities have begun imposing. Building intercom system from the initial common talk, to the development of black and white video intercom, color video intercom and more diversified. Machine combined with access control systems such as the door, and some also introduces technology for face recognition, fingerprint recognition technology makes the system more user-friendly; system using audio and video digitization, ARM embedded technology allows the system to direct access to broadband networks, using the wireless Bluetooth technology can be achieved from routed building intercom system, showing a trend of thought contend. Today, manufacturers have jumped to around 250, with the continued increase in demand, market was considerable.

National policy on the building intercom also played an instrumental role in the development of the market. In order to stimulate the economy, the Government has introduced a series of policies, such as invests an average of about $ 300 billion future 3 years building affordable housing, with the proportion of building 80% building intercom system installation calculation, on the building intercom will be a very big industry business opportunities, with the opportunity, building intercom supposed to share a cup of soup in the market.

Today, the building intercom systems have become one or two lines of city new residential and distribution system, and many collective residential renovation of old buildings and units have been configured, in the long run, building intercom system is the inevitable trend of residential development for all. Home security is inseparable from scientific and technological support, building intercom system revolution in advance with the times. Believe in the near future, also appears more and more advanced lives of intercom system, for the majority of residents protect a yard.

Building intercom in China history can be traced back to the end of the last century 80 's, when building intercom product comparison feature also single, market capacity is relatively small. With the passage of time, people gradually improve the standard of living, building intercom technology continues to develop, now a glimmer of urban household for building intercom products in increasingly high demand. Panoramic view of the market, color, digital intercom products appear one after another, building intercom product takes on a developing trend of integrated, networked, personalized.

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