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Windows 8 security innovations built in face recognition
2011-05-04 08:31:08
According to media reports, a Web site recently unveiled early Windows8 version of the API, including an induction program interface can detect human existence, since this function allows the computer to start automatically when users close, and speculated that it was based on facial recognition to determine identity of users.

Outside world for many reasons believe that Microsoft is most likely in Windows8 face recognition feature built in, is the application function early in the match Kinect used Xbox360 controller, Kinect using facial recognition technology allows users to log into the XboxLive services, embedded in the Windows8 facial identification function should be the logical thing.

The second reason is that Microsoft partners last year exposed Windows8 functionality, was painted about facial recognition applications. Microsoft was in the file represents, on PCs sensors can detect human actions and decide whether to turn on the computer, when you sat down in front of the computer users, then human recognition to automatically login, after the user leaves the computer will then lock automatically.

If a facial recognition that is entering Windows8, future is expected to replace past password and fingerprint recognition, users can automatically login your computer without even moving a finger.

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