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Wired and wireless video doorbell visual doorbell technical comparison
2012-09-08 10:33:16


Visual doorbell market generally divided into wired and wireless two, for the two product quality has been the industry topics of debate today notes, summary of the wired and wireless advantages and disadvantages, to analyze how to according to their environment to select suitable visual doorbell.

The advantages of wireless video doorbell:

1 in a family can be mobile, convenient and flexible operation.

2 do not have cable installation more simple.

3 leaves out winding process, reduces the installation cost.

4 in the long-term use of failure repair more love simple.

Wired doorbell visual advantage

1 wire transmission of video decoding is more stable, smooth video effect.

2 will not be affected by the interference signal, the high quality of the call.

3 through the cable transmission, can enhance the communication security.

Wireless video doorbell.

1 limited to the 2.4G transmission distance, can only be used below the three layer below the building.

The 2 wireless signal may be disturbed, making the call is not clear.

3 video transmission speed is slower, may appear interrupted phenomenon.

Wired doorbell visual defects

After 1 installation can not move, the use is not convenient.

2 installation and wiring complexity, increase the overall cost.

Late 3 problems, not easy to maintain.

From the above analysis shows, in the residential area to use wired doorbell, more stable. Independent small construction is suitable for the wireless video doorbell, wrong doing and installation is more convenient.

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