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Wireless building advantage
2012-08-30 16:24:28


Wireless intercom from wired to wireless its advantage is obviously, reduces cable trouble greatly reduced installation costs.

1 based on the WAN, LAN, INTERNET network transmission;

2 full digital transmission, management platform, is not susceptible to interference;

3 support visual and non-visual hybrid network;

The 4 network is simple, no need for wiring, the original use of the integrated wiring system can realize;

5 do not have dedicated indoor machine terminal, mobile phone, 3G, notebook computer desktop computer can be used as a terminal;

6 completely independent intellectual property rights, has applied for patents;

The 7 system is of high reliability, convenient operation, convenient construction and the like;

8 door machine with large touch screen, operation simple;

The 9 server real-time authentication method, high safety performance.

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