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Wireless digital technology to create a better life
2012-05-10 09:01:17


2012 is the mobile technology in the new era, the rapid development of mobile Internet promotes the whole industry 's footsteps, hung trillion electronics industry spare no effort on their product innovation, from the user's demand as the starting point, create more good products operation. Hong trillion electron strategic vision of the layout of the world, in various states of public utilities, businesses, and individuals in residential and provide high quality wireless intercom services. With the most advanced wireless intercom technology, provide users with more convenient way of life.

The front end of the wireless technology

Hong trillion electron from the traditional wired intercom system to a wireless technology along the way, after numerous innovation, transformation, and the experiment, finally walk in the wireless intercom system front end, the company's unique wireless transmission module, visual realization of completely hands-free duplex intercom, the hand does not hold to speech, full duplex wireless walkie-talkie, can be at the same time, at the same time listen. Solving only one side to listen or speak half duplex function.

2.4G wireless intercom system

Along with the wireless application of mature, new 2.4G wireless module also emerge as the times require,2.4G wireless technology in duplex intercom walkie-talkie walkie-talkie, team, group has good performance, and the transmission distance of about 400M. The company also according to different customer demand for R & D multi-split type wireless doorbell, can be suitable for multiple operation.

Wireless doorbell, wireless intercom, wireless doorbell, a large number of wireless products, have their origins in the service of the user base, to create a better quality of life.

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