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Wireless digital video intercom products, demand and trends
2011-07-06 14:40:34

The development trend of digital video intercom

Market from the demand point of view, the bus structure has entered a technical level product demand flat period, but the overall market demand still continues to heat up. Building intercom product demand and real estate development has always been closely related. In recent years, large cities more than 90 percent of new commercial real estate have designed this system, from the development trend point of view, building intercom system is a new residential district must be equipped with the system. In addition, some old buildings, residential and other units also need to transform the configuration of the system, the majority of the county a new real estate has not been involved in the system. Thus, there are still many gaps in the current market need to develop.

Video intercom product development will be safe, stable, practical, standard, open, fashion and other aspects of development, only to meet the demand of products in order to lead the development trend of video intercom products.

Demand for digital video intercom products

(1) Security

Video intercom products are security products, its basic function is still to meet the family and community safety. Therefore, the user wants to provide video intercom system and remote unlocking video calls at the same time, to provide further safety features. Such as remote monitoring when the owner is not home for the elderly and children's activities, household home fire, gas leak or a thief entered the home when residents immediately notify the management office or household, I (such as text message).

(2) Stability

Video intercom products are required 24 hours to run the security system, so users have an excellent product stability requires that only stability can guarantee security.

(3) practical

Only useful products have vitality. Market availability of existing products is not high, some families installed doorbell twelve weeks will only be used once, because the function is too simple, not practical. If tenants choose to buy it or not, I believe that many consumers will choose "no." For home video intercom products to be welcomed, its usefulness is the key. If you browse through video doorbell own photo collection, access to frequently used phone, collect information such as monthly expenses, and the utilization of their equipment will greatly enhance the degree of concern, and only increase the utilization of the product market can real prosperity.

(4) standardization and openness

Basically, video intercom products currently no standard at all, different manufacturers products are not compatible, video intercom, and other subsystems are basically not weak subsystem interconnect, the reason is that there is no standard. There is no standard, on the lack of openness, the system can not be connected, we can not guarantee long-term assurance products and services industry can not develop healthily. Therefore, the market is looking forward to the product standardization and open there.


(5) fashion

Appearance of the existing intercom products on the market and applications, and mobile phone, TV, game consoles and other consumer electronics products, are very difficult to talk about fashion. As a household consumer electronic products, video intercom products must follow the fashion of the road, to achieve novel and unique appearance, application rich, get healthy and prosperous industry.

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