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Wireless digital video intercom why the price is high
2011-05-27 08:52:36


Wireless digital video intercom as the current industry hot topics, from none to gradually form industrialization trend, it can be said to "building intercom" industry has brought revolutionary change, but their in-market, has been facing current situation of high prices. It is understood that the ordinary compared to the same screen intercom, wireless digital video intercom price about two to three times higher. Compared with the ordinary building intercom, wireless digital video intercom why the price is too high?

Wireless digital Visual on made peace General radio both between entire structure does not as, General Visual Radio General is single products machine, processing ability relative small, wireless digital Visual on told doorbell is double nuclear multimedia processor, similar Yu double nuclear notebook computer of work principle, cost in block on high out many, and screen Shang also has difference. in addition, both in other technology Shang are has is large difference, digital on told used full digital technology transmission, does not appears busy phenomenon.

Due to differences in structure, wireless digital video intercom manufacturing costs much higher cost than ordinary radio, furthermore digital intercom system technology complex, long development cycle, research and development of digital intercom system requires very large long-term investment of human, material and financial resources, and does not see economic benefits in the short term. These factors, resulting in a digital intercom higher price than the price of ordinary radio. At present, wireless digital intercom high comprehensive costs will lead to higher prices, but digital intercom benefits of far more than it costs to customers. Digital building intercom system must be higher than the cost of simulation system, costs more, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.In some large communities in the case of contact, accounts by comparing digital intercom system simulation of actual cost ratio even lower overall cost of the intercom system. This is why, from the following analysis: first, you can directly use of telecommunications carriers to park in the construction of broadband, networking investment cost-saving and secondly, for multi-stage development projects do not require more than one room, only need one. Also, the room location is not required, can be placed anywhere on the commercial value is not high. Can save a lot of high quality sales area; third, analog intercom network complex, partitioning, maintenance, and costly to maintain. Digital intercom maintenance simple, saves a lot of maintenance and management costs.Is used from system planning large projects and long term cost, comprehensive cost than digital system simulation system for comprehensive cost little.

Wireless digital video intercom prices will decline in the future?

At present, although the price of digital wireless video intercom for ordinary radio high, but must have fallen relative to 03 has just launched to developers within the range of affordable, so it also won many developers of "bright lights". The future, as technology continues to mature, digital wireless video intercom doorbell prices also declined, so as to achieve and ordinary radio price equilibrium?

Digital intercom price will slowly inside, set in the future, if the purchase amount, the price will slightly lower, main production, the more users greater, price will be low. Similarly, if the simulation screen radio purchase quantity less, then it will rise in price. Market in the future, we are very optimistic about the development of digital intercom, from the perspective of sales system as a whole, is also increasing every year. Wireless digital video intercom overall prices trending down, is mainly a matter of core chip, development costs and the cost, as the volume increases, costs will slow down

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