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Wireless digital video signal characteristics
2011-08-22 08:17:40

With the increase in mobile communication services, has been very widely used. In addition to the wireless network to provide voice services, also provides multimedia, high-speed data and video services. Wireless communication environment (radio channel, mobile terminals, etc.) and mobile multimedia applications the characteristics of the video image video image coding and transmission technology has become the forefront of information science and technology topics. Digital video signal has the following characteristics:

• Data volume

For example, mobile phones generally use the QCIF resolution video images, it has a 176X144 = 25344 as the green light. If each pixel represented by the 24, an image data by up to 594kbit. Taking into account the requirements of real-time video image transmission frame rate (25 frames per second television signal), the data transfer rate will reach 14.5Mbps!

Real-time requirements of high

The human eye the basic requirements of the video signal is delayed a small, real time. The common data communications in accordance with the requirements of real-time low, so relatively normal in terms of data communication, video communication requirements and better real-time.

Wireless environment is has the following characteristics:

* Limited radio channel resources

As the wireless channel environment is poor and effective bandwidth is very limited. To achieve a large amount of data transmission of video signals, especially in the mass of the wireless video applications, the wireless channel resources, particularly tight.

Wireless network is a time-varying network

The physical characteristics of wireless channel determines the wireless network is a time-varying network.

Wireless video Qos guarantee

In mobile communications, resulting in the user's mobile wireless video Qos guarantee is very complicated.

It can be seen, the video signal for transmission to the needs and characteristics of the wireless environment there is a sharp contradiction, so the wireless video transmission faces enormous challenges.

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