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Wireless doorbell in a safe home furnishing in rats
2012-05-22 09:40:06

Who can imagine the visual wireless doorbell in home furnishing security also played the role of play a decisive role. It is a residential area in the first line of defense, the residents in the home, use the intercom / intercom extension, can the unit building door intercom / visual intercom in front of the host, and visitors can call and by extension the images on the screen, identify visitors. When the visitors were confirmed, householder using extension door lock control key, open the unit building hosts on the electric lock, allowing visitors to enter; otherwise, all of the unit floor staff and visitors, all cannot enter. Visual intercom system can also join an emergency alarm button, infrared ray sensor magnetic window, door, smoke detectors, combustible device detector and alarm equipment, the illegal intrusion, fire, gas leak, emergency information timely notice to the management center, provide residents with convenient and safe life, less reluctant to disturb tenants reduce troubles, is a residential area of grades and resident identification manifestation.

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