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Wireless doorbell intercom function introduction
2012-05-22 09:29:01

Along with the wireless doorbell technologies mature, our main production of wireless doorbell, wireless doorbell, video intercom doorbell doorbell, villa, villa for the wireless video doorbell, villa for the wireless doorbell, digital duplex intercom, wireless visual intercom, wireless walkie-talkie wireless group team, multi-channel walkie-talkie,3.5 inch,7 inch wireless video doorbell scheme, through interphone scheme, wireless visual intercom scheme.

The first wireless doorbell, can only hear sound, not seen in the image. In the market has had a paragraph of brilliant. Along with the wireless doorbell technologies mature, people asks if it would be better to video. So it is a research and development of wireless doorbell, wireless video doorbell doorbell villa CW-WVB-888D image storage is the Division I independent development of a multifunctional2.4G digital wireless transceiver tows a doorbell. Using our new RF RF chip, high performance ARM processing chip, industrial design standards, jointly build a multifunctional wireless digital doorbell.

Visual doorbell product function:

The 1 unlocking function: when looking at your favorite TV; family home too late; it's cold outside; in bed to rise; in front of the computer do not want to get up; press, to visible to everyone, the automatic unlocking;

2visual intercom function: the visit, the doorbell intercom calls, free speech is clear, as in face-to-face conversation;

3 outdoor monitoring function: when there is a stranger to, click the control keys, you can know, visitors can choose to open the door, who is, or is not to open the door, safety is at ease. The door has the same sound, touch, they stick out a mile, safety has safeguard.

4photo storage function, when a visitor comes, gently press, can take pictures. When the owners want to remember the visitor who is, open camera store. Later on the computer check.

5tamper alarm function: if the machine has to steal the entrance machine or sabotage, an indoor machine and an outdoor machine will alarm to remind

6: video function by setting the recording function, when the owner was not at home, there is a visitor. As long as the visitors light ring the doorbell, automatic video, like mobile phone missed calls, master came back to free inquiry. Also can be directly placed video playback, did not miss any important meeting.

Wireless doorbell, wireless video doorbell, video intercom doorbell is now the mainstream of the world, according to the needs of the market of wireless doorbell will have better development. Wireless video doorbell is convenient to use, simple to install.

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