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Wireless doorbell of transmission distance of just how far is it?
2011-07-08 14:41:59
Wireless doorbell, now basically is the use of wireless signal 2.4G because 2.4G band is the world's free communication frequency bands. Just like many technologies such as wireless mouse for PC. 2.4G is a relatively mature technology, a wide application.

If it is a general wireless doorbell, far 180M, there is also a 300M (such as a Repeater is a forward signal), only a few metres from near. By the way, General annotations of distances on the doorbell is an open-range, actual distance depends on the topography and environment, the degree of barrier, the different circumstances of transmission distance is also a big difference.

In the open area, the 2.4G wireless doorbell, can stable transmission in 300~400 meters. (Wireless video intercom doorbell is by far the most far-distance)

Wireless doorbell, because using more advanced things such as digital signals, being able to provide upstream play chips and technology resources are relatively small, so its threshold is relatively higher than the wired doorbell. Development cost will naturally be higher.
As far as I know, 2.4G wireless signal boards of chip, costs about approximately one-third higher than cable. Because some wireless doorbell, developed at the same time, also did a feature on the expansion, such as: store pictures, videos, take pictures, etc, so the cost as it also increased much. Added a camera, video technology into it.

When purchasing wireless doorbell, not first determine a distance, but the installation environment, whether there is a lapse of several wall of thickness, creating wireless signal shield, resulting in unstable wireless doorbell signals.

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