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Wireless doorbell series signal problem solution
2012-05-22 11:11:40

Life is fine, let technology into every corner of life, wireless intelligent home furnishing has universal existence, to the wireless doorbell based wireless equipment to the family brings great efficiency and convenience, function also gradually strong, joined the unlocking, night vision, monitoring, photo storage, but wireless video the bell still has some shortcomings.

Why is time according to their own doorbell, the neighbor's doorbell also will ring. Sometimes it's trouble. Ask a neighbor's doorbell, originally bought the are of the same type doorbell, Random House will signal problem. Wireless video doorbell when buying attention I R & D division wireless villa doorbell visual CW - WVB-888T image storage ring is a Division I independent research and development of a multi functional 2.4G digital wireless transceiver tows a doorbell. Using our new RF RF chip, high performance ARM processing chip, industrial design standards, jointly build a multifunctional wireless digital doorbell. Each of the wireless video doorbell has its own independent code, as long as the code, code string is the probability of 0.01 per thousand. Convenient to use. To not interfere with other neighbors, night let you Ann quietly to sleep well.

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