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Wireless doorbell simple processing
2012-05-30 09:47:35


Wireless doorbell has become each and every family essential supplies, due to long-term use, problems can hardly be avoided, we according to many years of experience, the common problem to make a summary, put forward the best solution, the system can provide the user to solve the problem.

1common crash problem

In a previous mobile phone industry, everyone would say " don't crash of the mobile phone is not intelligent", because the embedded operating system, system halted all electronic product defects, crash often reset power supply can be resolved.

2 cannot unlock

Could not lock problems, often with adverse and lock, lock the voltage, while the doorbell a small voltage, so both need strengthening bell voltage, or replacement of the appropriate voltage lock.

The 3 call effect is not good

As wireless transmission of sake, calls effect of noise and other issues, this is a normal phenomenon, the main reason is the weather, or the high frequency radio signal interference, as long as this is not a problem of long-term sex, would not have to worry about.

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