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Wireless doorbell visual technology and Application
2012-06-29 10:00:32



The traditional wireless video doorbell outdoor machine, using the concave convex lens design, visitors must remain relatively close distance to, so as to children and old people to inconvenience, but also through reverse monitoring can also cause on the interior of the voyeur. Very unsafe, hung trillion electron to use digital imaging technology, with a wide-angle camera, outside the scene can clear the incoming house, seamless technology, strengthened doorbell security features.

Due to the technical characteristics of wireless doorbell, currently only applies to luxury villas, households and companies use. The use of the process are as follows:

Visible indoor machine ring and automatically open the image, visual indoor machine answer keys and the visitors call, press unlocking button, electronically controlled lock automatically open, there is no need to go to the door to open, usually when in standby mode, by monitoring key, can monitor the external environment with photographing function: outdoor machine can automatically take into the detection range dynamic image and put him into the indoor machine operating in the visible, indoor machine, know who at what time visiting.

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