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Wireless intercom building energy saving design
2012-07-26 14:35:58


Because the government is advocated energetically, green has been the real estate industry is generally accepted, and real estate related industries begin to the low consumption of energy in the direction of exhibitions, including wireless intercom system, green energy-saving benefit is obviously, close to natural philosophy, reducing energy consumption, pollution, and radiation. Energy efficiency design is more in line with the green home furnishing concept, thus the road users generally recognized.

According to incomplete statistics, in the future construction of about 5% of the budget for a wireless intercom equipment, the whole building intercom equipment is not limited to the original video intercom, remote lock and other traditional function, and to the security, fire, community service, and other aspects of development, become an indispensable management in community platform, in this platform, can realize water and electricity fee payment, placing fire video intercom, also through the network to realize local area network community, let the exchanges between the neighbors more simple. This huge equipment, energy-saving design concept is particularly important.

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