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Wireless intercom classification
2012-08-02 09:03:49


Single apartment layout

Provides only a single door intercom demands, can be configured with a plurality of indoor units, arranged in each room, can provide, visual-speaking, remote control to open the door and other functions.

Unit type

Unit type visual or non-visual intercom system host a straight press type and dial two. Direct press type capacity is small, suitable for multi-storey residential building, features a press should, simple operation. Dial type large capacity, which can be connected with the 9999, applicable to high-rise residential buildings, luxury is characteristic of interface, operation mode with dial. These two systems have adopted the bus wiring, built-in decoding, indoor machine with single apartment layout indoor machine compatible, can achieve a visual or non-visual intercom, and other functions, and can be hung management center.

The district network type

A regional centralized management, complex function, the manufacturers of the products have their own characteristics. General in addition to have visual intercom or non-visual intercom, and other basic functions, can receive and transmit the occupants of the various security alarm information and emergency help, can take the initiative to call the area either residents or group calling all household implement broadcasting function, some also with a smart meter ( water, coal, electricity), IC Carmen copied ban system and other system structure of residential property management system.

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