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Wireless intercom doorbell should be what kind of speakers?
2011-10-28 09:01:22

Commonly used visual doorbell speakers, divided into two kinds: internal magnetic speaker external magnetic speaker, 8 ohm impedance generally are, it was to prevent the whistle, while the use of 32 European speakers, in fact, regardless of things 8 or 32 Euro in Europe, are a whistle possible. Key depends on the shell structure, as well as Mike's choice. Circuit design and internal alignment is also critical factors. Away from it: the selection of speakers from the endometrium is divided into film speaker, who has a good water this effect is not easy to stick dust, but the sound quality poor. Lower cost point. There cone speaker, this person has good sound quality, sound good, but easy to stick dust, and not waterproof. General building intercom system speakers used the following criteria: 32 European films outside the host machine using 8 ohm speakers indoor speakers, all power options 0.5w. Horn aperture is generally: 40mm 50mm 28mm 32mm 20mm * 40mm, generally choose to install speakers tablet fixed, rarely used hot melt adhesive.


Repair process because speakers of common faults:
1, small voice, horn dust or magnetic adsorption decreased
2, the whistle: Mike Mifengbuyan or horn fixation is not strong
3, no sound: speakers or speaker membrane broken line

wireless video doorbell speaker



wireless video doorbell speaker

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