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Wireless intercom people-oriented design
2012-08-04 09:27:51


The product appearance.

Life is more and more to now, people have home furnishing supplies the needs of more and more detailed, especially in appearance, generous, elegant design, become one of the important factors to attract users. In addition, color matching, also should be concise, color Daipei should be more scientific design, the visual more comfortable. The selection but also to green non-polluting materials, try to achieve the concept of health foundation.

Two. The stability of the product

Wireless intercom generally use 2.4G transmission system, the system after years of development, has become mature, good stability, must work hard in the hardware.

Three, about the control

Often hear people say "in control ", " controlled " should be a central control host referred to it, some people used to call a " host " or " PC ", each district is not a name. To come to the Advisory friends often ask your intelligent home furnishing did not control any control? Actually, it was many years ago foreign control system brings us a bus control ( through the PC control of each node ) mode.

The controlling technology and philosophy now, I thought that, since we emphasize the intelligence, flexibility, so as the installation of a smart home furnishing users of lighting, electrical control should achieve whenever and wherever possible, control everywhere, in every room of the switch panel can control the family each light is more accord with the demand of the user, through " control " mode control intelligence compared to some of the weak.

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