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Wireless intercom system
2012-05-16 09:47:07

Wireless intercom and estate are closely related, while the Chinese estate industry space is huge, wireless intercom relative market also has great market space, according to the statistical data, our country intelligent home furnishing market is growing at 30% a year, it can be concluded that the future wireless building market will develop rapidly.

Visual intercom industry today, products from simple call, unlock features developed to now have a simple information issue, anti-theft alarm function, from the black and white video intercom to the development of color video intercom, should be said that there is no small progress.

However, along with the people to the area of security management and property management requirements continue to increase, only to provide more function has been unable to meet the needs of the development of intelligent community to continue.

Visual intercom products development to security, stability, use, standard, open, fashion and other aspects of development, only to meet the demand of the products, to lead the trend of the development of visual intercom products.

As the building intercom use is increasingly extensive, also makes the industry more competitive. Many manufacturers use their products technical advantage, belonging to the" vulnerable groups" of the works, real estate companies play a variety of instruments.

At present the market most manufacturers are using analog video technology to transmit audio and video signal, in order to save wiring cost and complexity of general and commonly used bus technology shared line transmission signal, this system has a lot of problems.

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