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Wireless intercom system development square
2012-05-15 08:40:36

Inflation," estate " in the winter, financial crisis ... ... In the past year, building visual intercom system enterprise had hitherto unknown grounding and test. In the face of cost is rising day by day, gradually shrinking demand, competition is intense 2010, building visual intercom system enterprise how to deal with? To attract sb.'s attention is, in the recovery trend under the influence of next year, building visual intercom system in mainstream demand where?

Building visual intercom system industry from nineteen ninties started early, after nearly 20 years of time, development so far, the manufacturer has reached more than 500. Products from the non-visual intercom to black and white video intercom, black and white video to speak to the development of color video intercom, color video intercom to upgrade to digital home terminal, building visual intercom system independent from system to system, through a variety of ways from the bus network development to use sophisticated Internet technology network, from single function to the intelligence integrated control, progress is very rapid. Building visual intercom systems industry with the domestic real estate industry boom and rapid development rises.

In 1998," on the further deepening of the urban housing system reform, accelerate housing construction notice" document issued, to stop the housing distribution in kind, establish the monetization of housing distribution, housing commercialization, socialization of housing new system. So far, the welfare housing distribution system was removed, and commercial housing began to enter the large number of residents living. The living environment of people's security requirements are increasingly high, building visual intercom systems industry also formed spark liaoyuanzhishi. After almost ten years, the real estate industry develops like a raging fire, building visual intercom systems industry is also showing a trend of explosive growth. By 2008, the situation has changed:

On one hand, the first half of 2008, the real estate market lasts low fan, the general level of prices rises a fall after a rise, the real estate market already entered adjust level. The second half of the real estate market faces further adjustment, the housing market price total level rises will continue apparent fall after a rise, individual city house prices continue to fall, the real estate industry in the capital under intense pressure to further integrate.

Building visual intercom system enterprise is dependent on the development of real estate industry development, if the real estate development remain stagnant or negative growth, building visual intercom system enterprise also won't have very good development. If there is no real estate development, trust building visual intercom system enterprise also does not have today's size and prosperity. Because the exploitation of real estate needs to build cycle,2008 property market downturn of the building visual intercom system the influence of the market will have a certain lag, but once the real estate development pace slowed down, and the real estate industry is closely related to the building visual intercom system industry also will face great pressure.

On the other hand, by the United States sub-loan crisis of the financial turmoil, began to seem to building visual intercom systems industry had little effect, but as of the fourth quarter of 2008, the financial storm spread quickly, global exchange rate wave motion, a lot of enterprises overseas sales income has been greatly affected, especially the export proportion of larger enterprises, have very obvious feel the pressure. At the same time, the domestic security market growth rate has slowed down significantly. Although the current global financial meltdown situation will not appear, but the virtual economic bankruptcy tide still to the entity economy" erosion". The real economy will be much impact? The recession will last? Being or an unknown number,2010, will be undoubtedly extremely difficult year, domestic macroscopical economy will be more severe, global demand growth will further slow down, or even.

Secondly, due to the continued tightening of macroeconomic policies and increasing the impact of world financial crisis, building visual intercom system, enterprises in the capital or operation has also encountered a hitherto unknown difficulties:

1, enterprises are faced with increased cost pressure: the cost of raw materials, based on increased costs, labor costs increase, now also includes various tax progressive growth. But the price of the product has no way to increase, also do not have the ability to reduce, in this material and labor to increase under the premise, profit gradually decline, this is we are facing more harsh market environment.

2, enterprise dimensions is general and lesser, management is relatively backward. At present, the international competition intensifies day by day, our country labour force, raw materials and other aspects of the advantages are gradually disappearing, our country building visual intercom system enterprise universal product technology content is not high, the lack of independent intellectual property rights.

3, in the capital, the domestic building visual intercom system enterprise capital operation mechanism is not perfect, the enterprise wants to obtain loans and risk investment is relatively difficult. A shortage of funds, enterprises in technology development, channel construction process is too risky. Capital chain running sluggish, the client defaults project, project to default production enterprise debt vicious spiral make the enterprise can'ts bear heavy burden.

In 4, the domestic enterprises are also facing more advantages of foreign manufacturer competition. With the global financial crisis, many foreign enterprises begin to enter the Chinese market, foreign manufacturer enters the domestic manufacturers have a big impact. Foreign giant security enterprises not only excellent quality of products, but also has a strong brand and technical advantage.

In 5, a serious lack of professional talents. Intercom market is to refine, professional development, high-end professionals lack seriously restricting the building of enterprise development, this effect has been gradually.

Affordable housing bring simulation product demand mainstream

The central government within two years of investment of 4 yuan to stimulate domestic demand, the Chinese economy and global economy is good news. This $4macroscopic inputs, can give the2010building visual intercom systems industry brings much direct benefit benefit, it is very obvious, but OK and affirmative is, building visual intercom systems industry relative macroeconomic trends, will lag time. As the state of the economic housing, housing management and macro-control policy on the real estate industry development gradually the role, expected economic housing, housing will be formed in 2010 the real estate needs in the mainstream. Building equipment as estate supporting products, along with the real estate market demand changes, will gradually step effect building visual intercom system enterprise future trend. From the current market demand, there will be a large number of affordable housing, the house facilities, it demands more is economic, practical, reliable, stability constant. Therefore, likely in the near future or the future for a long period of time, the more reliable, economic simulation products, there will be a big demand. In building a project, the housing business also began to control cost as a heavy head play to catch, the second half of 2008, real open business in the choice of equipment is also obvious tendency of economy, practicality, reliability. Such as color to black and white, visible to nonvisual, in terms of features only requires the satisfaction of basic needs.

Building visual intercom system enterprise "winter" strategy

In this winter of our hardship, building-speaking visual system enterprises on how to survive the winter, then to seek survival and development? If we say that the past ten years, eight years too smoothly, without considering the needs of practitioners of" winter", so, now it should be seriously considered. As in previous years, building visual intercom systems industry, every business is good, all look cheerful, however, economic recession, means a drop in demand, as the tide recedes, how are you going to work, it will not be the tide roll away.


Look into 2012, our country building visual intercom system, although the industry is facing many uncertain factors and more grim challenge, but with the state adopted a proactive fiscal policy and moderately easy monetary policy, continue to increase affordable housing construction, to encourage the livelihood oriented real estate investment, further encourage ordinary commercial housing consumption, in order to stimulate economic growth, we believe, the development environment of real estate will be gradually improved, the building visual intercom systems industry spend this financial crisis, to obtain a new sustainable development!

Visual intercom system: when someone at the door, the door machine ( outdoor ) will automatically add the image photographed coexist in the indoor machine, operation of indoor machine, would know who and when. If the intruder broke into, the criminal evidence is preserved in the indoor machine.

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