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Wireless intercom system installation and debugging
2012-05-11 08:58:58

A wireless intercom systems, installation preparation

1,, ready to install the necessary tools, screwdriver, wrench, such as drill.

2, analysis of the floor structure, design a reasonable installation position,

In 3, wireless intercom equipment, check whether it is normal, read product manual.

In two, wireless intercom system after installation inspection

After installation, do not rush to use, we must have an overall check of each member is energized to normal, whether there is a short-circuit condition.

In three, wireless intercom debugging after the installation.

1 in the examination of wireless intercom system when there is no problem can be debugged, first starting power view parts are normal.

2 in the unit building commissioning, put in front of the host and the lowest layer of protection converter / decoder and indoor machine all of the wiring connection, while the extension of the real number used in accordance with instructions number; electric debugging this system works, confirmed in front of the host and the bottom line and whether the device is normal.

3 if the normal work in front of the host and the line and equipment is normal; and then cut off the power supply system, and then connected with a layer of system main line, second tier debugging ( system wiring must power off ), in order to increase.

In 4, unit building commissioning process, must start from the bottom layer to debug, namely the first layer after debugging, and second layers of debugging, and so had to debug, until the entire unit finished debugging and can work normally.

Under normal circumstances, can be obtained by using multimeter voltage measurement of the following voltage parameter distinguishing lines or equipment quality;

In static state, the supply voltage and the B to ground voltage: 12V

Audio line to ground voltage:0V A2

The data line to ground voltage:0V P

Call extension, audio line to earth voltage will change: to 5.6V

At the same time call extension moment data lines in the P line can be measured to a quick change pulse voltage between 0-5V changes.

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