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Wireless intercom systems on the security of rigid
2012-05-19 09:34:53

In many foreign countries have a lot of wireless intercom infrastructure construction of Chinese enterprises are interested in, including a connection area and European Railways, nuclear energy and municipal engineering contract. These are big projects, community banks tend to be independent as these projects services. Many companies are seeking to capital market financing opportunities, thus attracted many Chinese investors. Of course we can't find one of the most perfect view -- District has 5million to 6million, while China has a population of 1400000000. But the building intercom in small roles is clear. I think China will be small and building intercom considered an advantage in the industry, as the anti-theft door. Here transportation is convenient, comfortable life.

From this point of view, I think the building intercom cause will develop ahead ceaselessly. Talkback building industry bureau director Chen in" building intercom industry: China 's global financial centre" project to start the press conference on happily said: "when the rest of the developed market is still in the recovery period after financial crisis, building intercom cause have been in vigorous development". The cause was originally at the beginning of twenty-first Century, and then develop in a better way. The purpose is to consolidate the building intercom industry in China in the history of the development of the fact that financial agent status, but also to attract capital and talent to Hong kong. So the positive publicity strategy for building intercom industry is rare -- in fact, even if some people think building intercom industry is foreign to do some aspects are also as excusable.

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