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Wireless monitoring solution to the problem
2011-12-16 09:36:32

In recent years, the rapid rise of wireless monitoring technology, and fit in many industries, a growing number of wireless monitoring devices and solutions for the successful launch, wireless monitoring become the new darling of all walks of life.Also widely used in wireless video surveillance has been a great help.

Network security issues

As wireless video surveillance system may involve public privacy and social security, etc., system network security is very important. Wireless network to microwave as the transmission medium, easily steal others, affect the whole system security. Therefore, network security solutions in two ways:

(1), the use of private network operators

China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, the three operators has opened up for industrial users 3G Wireless Network, of which China Mobile and China Unicom called APN private network, China Telecom private network known as the VPDN.Private network operators to use a dedicated dial-up account, the center uses fiber optic cable line access, terminal access to the IP address of the internal network address, thereby isolating the link with the Internet. Private network using a network operator is relatively safe, fast transfer rates, etc., to avoid Internet viruses, hackers harassment.

(2), to encrypt the transmission data

If hackers can use private network operators, wireless network system to attack, you need to encrypt data transmitted over wireless networks. Now the main use of encryption is to use VPN (virtual private network down) technology, VPN technology in the wireless terminal and the central servers to build a secure encrypted channel, VPN technology is relatively mature but the wireless terminal CPU processing power has certain requirements.

2, the costs

Restrain the development of wireless video surveillance of the key issues of wireless video surveillance system is too large a cost. Operator's monthly fees were over hundred dollars, the cumulative end up much higher than the transformation of the increased cost of wireless, if not effectively reduce the operator's monthly fees will be the promotion of the products have a huge impact.

To reduce operating costs, many products on-line using the transformation of the activation pattern: In general, usually the wireless terminal is not online, under special conditions to activate the text messages, phone activation, alarm activation module activated by dial-up line. Network uptime is reduced, it will greatly reduce the user costs.

Breakthrough in wireless video surveillance applications, a higher level for wireless monitoring, wireless monitoring the future will be better, really for us to create a "safe city."

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