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Wireless remote video monitor system development direction
2011-12-15 09:15:19

Technology application integration, "as well as the mainstream the development of technology is wireless monitoring system can realize the across key:

1, technology integration

From the network video server, then launched a network to the ball, until today very popular network camera, the network video technology achieved with the ball yuntai technology, video camera technology integration. Network video monitoring technology has been on a road of the integration of technology, when wireless technology increasingly involved in a video monitoring field, the network video technology and wireless technology union became a normal thing, but also help to further improve the stability of the products and application of convenience, easy to manufacturers network video market segmentation, avoid homogeneity competition. The best proof is on the market at present the WIFI network camera support. The expected future support all kinds of wireless network type of Internet video products will also in the market those flowers.

2, the mainstream of led technology

Wireless remote monitoring system of large scale applications without necessarily wireless network environment, and wireless network environment is cannot leave the construction of the operators. With China's 3 G network technology is increasingly perfect to TD, as a representative of the third generation wireless network technology inevitable in the domestic rise rapidly. This is to realize the wireless remote network monitor system is the key for applications of scale.

3, application "

Video monitoring system is experienced by industrial application to civil to move in the direction of such a course. And wireless applications the emergence of the terminal more hoax this process. With the further development of the 3 G technology, each with a personal mobile phone will become one of the best wireless terminal business platform. People can realize the wireless network monitoring by mobile phone. At the same time family wireless network is also rising, people can through the notebook with wireless router access network, a fast HWLAN (home wireless network). Support wireless mode GuTingXing network of cameras would undertake a family care, shop tour etc function, make wireless monitoring technology further into a home user.


Wireless remote video monitor system development direction

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