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Wireless remote video monitoring system of advantage
2011-12-14 09:47:01

Wireless remote video monitor system, technology or development environment has both application unique charm and advantage, inevitable in the video monitoring in all certain proportion. And wireless remote video monitor system has been centered on the development of the application of the advanced nature of convenience, technology for direction. Expected over the next few years will achieve rapid development speed.

Application advantages

Wireless remote video monitor system by monitoring the front, the monitoring center end and the transmission of three parts. In a mountainous area monitoring, highway forest along monitoring, oilfield areas, border control and monitoring of conventional wiring way to realize, cost too much and wireless monitoring system is the biggest advantage from the trouble of wiring, realized from the front to the back end on the fast access. Like this kind of situation can only use wireless monitoring system. In recent years, our country in some urban construction peace city system, just finished part special industries, such as Internet cafes, places of entertainment monitoring, but to really realize the monitoring, the cover, the line access costs remained high. Shenzhen in this respect for us what a try, it realized the nanshan district wireless network coverage, through the wireless network realization wireless video monitoring, in technology and money into find a a balance point. Including guangzhou, also have some cities also planned implementation coverage, these are for the realization of the video monitoring system laid a foundation. So visible, wireless network monitor has a unique application advantages.

Wireless remote video monitor system development direction

Wireless remote video monitor system development is still, but the development roadmap we can clearly see.

Wireless remote video monitoring system of advantage

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