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Wireless video door control system
2011-08-26 11:58:07
HongZhao Innovation Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional 2.4g wireless audio and video, wireless video intercom, wireless building Visual intercom system, wireless visible, unlocked and manufacturer of wireless monitoring and development unit. Companies adhering to the professional and cost-effective business philosophy, providing a range of 2.4g wireless audio and video solutions, dedicated to home automation and security and the development of security industry.

Wireless video unlock system security class is our latest development and production of high-tech products, no wires, indoor and outdoor intercom calls, indoor unit can control at any time outside, indoor unit can open locks. Indoor and outdoor unit and means than grain password is not required between lines, using large-capacity built-in battery, life up to two months, has a strong anti-interference ability, clear picture quality, safe and reliable, fingerprint locks use world famous specialized design, the appearance of exquisite elegance, extreme quality, stylish slider design. Front panel for the high strength zinc alloy, waterproof design, more durable. Is bi-directional locking structure of lock body, closing automatically after lock!

Set the doorbell, video intercom, indoor outdoor fingerprint and password for remote control door, opening in one, suitable for hotels, apartments, community, Office, and so on.

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