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Wireless video doorbell horn
2012-05-21 09:18:04

Visual doorbell commonly used horn, divided into 2:

Within the magnetic speaker magnetic loudspeaker, impedance are usually of8 ohm, was also observed for preventing squeaking, using 32European horn, do not actually work8 euro or32 euro, have a whistle may. Key to the shell of the structure, and the selection of Mike. Circuit design and the internal wiring is also a critical factor. External: horn from endometrial selection into film speakers, this has good waterproof effect, not easy to stick the dust, but the quality is poor. Low cost one point. And cone loudspeaker, the person has a better sound quality, sound effect is good, but easy to stick the dust, and not waterproof. General building intercom system horn selection as follows: outdoor host using the32European film speakers indoor machine adopts8 Europe horn, power was0.5W. Speaker caliber general : 40mm50mm28mm32mm20mm *40MM, general speakers installation options using the horn tablet fixed, rarely using hot melt adhesive.

Repair process of common faults for horn:

1, voice, trumpet adsorption dust or magnetic drop

2: Mike, whistle or horn seals are not secured

In 3, no sound: Horn segment or membrane broken horn

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