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Wireless video doorbell position in the digital home
2012-05-18 10:30:29

In the current market, non-digital video intercom products, although still the mainstream, but its anti-jamming capability, the transmission distance is limited, the system can not be compatibility problems are not well resolved. With the improvement of people's living standard, a single video intercom far from being able to meet the families and communities on the need for security, product security, stability,

The appearance of diversity and fashion have put forward higher requirements. "Individual user's needs have been recognized from the traditional visitor, the intercom to open the door, a nice indoor extension extended to home security and intelligent home control, information dissemination and visitors image browsing and other functions." So integrated building intercom, access control digital video intercom system, burglar alarm, monitoring and other functions will usher in a demand period.

Digital video doorbell is easy to operate, easy to maintain, requiring no intermediate devices can be applied in the networking among the large community and villas, to avoid the busy bus; the market needs a more comprehensive, more intelligent indoor terminal, it out of the ordinary intercom products use low, improve the quality of life of the user. The advantages of digital video intercom, new IP (digital) intercom system, using a common network architecture, changing the complexity of the engineering model of the traditional intercom system architecture is very simple types of ancillary products, engineering rarely, the traditional engineering features rapidly changing characteristics of the products for the consumer, would drastically change the mode of circulation of the intercom system, bringing a huge new opportunities. "

"The rise of digital video intercom can solve many of the original analog technology can not solve the problem, such as household calls, pictures of a message, the information receiving / publishing, home appliances intelligent control, remote control, multimedia, web surfing at the same time based on the residential broadband network applications based on smart home system can also provide multi-faceted services in property management, fire, water, electricity, coal combines intercom products and intelligent home digital video intercom products will become the market a new favorite.

In the high-end real estate

Digital video intercom products for the comparative advantages of the traditional video intercom products, as well as the requirements of the market for digital video intercom products, which are making the domestic video intercom manufacturers of digital video intercom products to become an greedy. Digital video intercom products for most manufacturers is to conceptualize, but some domestic manufacturers have a strong economic strength and a better technical conditions, a few years ago has been vigorously developing the project in recent years, are starting to see to pure digital video intercom products available in the market, but also began to be applied to some domestic high-end real estate.

Residential real estate in recent years, showing residential area of ​​a large variety of units, households, quality and more, require high, while the face of these ever-expanding residential district, networking has become a headache. Insiders said: the use of the Internet architecture to networking in the residential district building intercom system, which replaces the original bus network, especially for some large residential area, we recommend building intercom system network architecture, networking, mixed installation, This can be adapted to the needs of different customer groups in the same area, such as: black and white video intercom products, villas, luxury apartments terminal using a color video intercom products, Apartment to move back to ordinary households and low-cost residential non-visual talk about the product. "

Intense competition in the domestic real estate, real estate developers are more willing to invest more resources to the domestic intelligence building, to build a boutique real estate, to the owners to provide a safer and more comfortable environment. Therefore, digital video intercom products to meet the needs of some customers, such as: the big screen with touch door machine, color family intelligent extension, functional requirements are higher, such as: color image + text information system , pictures of the visitors, Guest Book, SMS alarm, elevator linkage, vehicle arrival notification.

However, after entering the district, all-digital products, generally go through the more than two years to test, and the occupancy rate of 60% or more, to come through a survey of property owners to prove the success of the system.

Fundamental part of the "digital home"

Digital, intelligent and integrated to provide a good basis can be realized. Through the digitization of all the subsystems of the intelligent community systems also in the same based on TCP / IP network. Digital is not only to create an intelligent family life, digital community property management, value-added services to provide community-based e-commerce and online payment through the home intelligent gateway and the IC card authentication. Digital video intercom as one of the subsystems of the "digital home" system, the "digital home" system provides a perfect platform for the function, the base system of the "digital home" system.

On the path of development in the community of intelligent, digital is an inevitable trend. Technically digital, networked, integrated with the basis of the "digital home" market is gradually formed. The official said: 'digital home' technology development, our product development a lot of pressure, such pressure is the driving force, so the product features of digital video intercom and must be away from the traditional video intercom mode restrictions, fully research the market of high-end user functional requirements, and make full use of the TCP / IP technology, to achieve a set of video intercom, diverse control and information exchange in one of the intelligent products while providing products, but also provide engineering design and guidance system provide property security management software, supporting the value of the digital, intelligent and integrated community. "

"The future of digital intelligent terminal that contains the concept of smart home products will be the biggest concern of the market. The advantages of such products: the technical use of embedded technology, hardware and more powerful, more flexible software development, system is more stable. Using the standard Ethernet architecture, networking easier not only to solve some shortcomings of the traditional intercom function but also as a family of intelligent control center, appliance control, home security and monitoring, home information terminals and digital home entertainment integrated into the together With the growing importance of the home environment in such products is bound to a more extensive customer acceptance. "

Operational management to achieve value-added products

The biggest business opportunities of the digital video intercom is operational. Digital video intercom system for high-end market, the improvement of its function also determines the terminal as digital security, digital video intercom can be made carrier-grade, operational (value-added function) system that is more than just sell products, you can also sell services, products sold to customers (even in the future can do 'send') in the customer's use of the process, operators use the platform of the product's features continue to increase the paid services, which charge for the services. "It is understood that a digital community of developers in Shenzhen, specially set up a company to operate digital video intercom system. Control product technology manufacturers according to their own conditions to decide whether to participate in the operations, and professional advice: "Even without the operation, the same can work closely with operators to constantly improve the product's features and build a complete digital video intercom service platform, thereby enhancing the value and visibility of the system. "

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