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Wireless video doorbell price war
2012-09-07 14:54:01


In the United States of America a famous building intercom manufacturers will launch a very dominant wireless digital doorbell visual doorbell, and the price is 119.95 dollars. The price for the peer is very competitive. The company responsible person said, he will continue to lower prices, and to ensure that does not reduce the quality of. This sentence is to let peer nervous.

The United States government said it the United States digital wireless doorbell industry proud, the company's president expresses, will increase the cost of production will be the doorbell rang the doorbell, quality function to do the best, which is relatively lower prices. " We know that these parameters will change considerably if we order part number of tens of thousands of. Our products supplier, has been in the United States, there have been a number of very competitive price of products. Wireless doorbell problem is to continue to increase the United States region can supply products supplier. "

The visual doorbell price not only for the United States domestic wireless doorbell market is a shock, to the market of our country is also a major impact.

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