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Wireless video doorbell that branding process
2012-09-12 10:12:07


The economic situation was dispirited, coupled with the real estate market share, for the security industry is more and more obvious in the face of the crisis, reform and innovation of enterprises have to go way, the old production and marketing costs more and more high, then profit more and more low. With the market is cold, the survival of natural threats, technology innovation will not free, make ego brand is market share, in the crisis of survival in important ways.

Along with the development of technology, a large number of small enterprises into the security industry, small workshops, low operation cost, can obtain the survival space. Mix in the middle of the enterprise, relatively difficult to survive. Plant personnel each spending will eventually grafted to the head of the user, product prices, relative visibility is not large, leading to intense price competition. Results : This product is coessential change period, users need to be cheap, general choice of small workshops. The user needs to stable quality, may have to rely on reputation to judge. Small workshop also do well, with the " Guangdong three building two" heavy fist hits out, the former to copycat goods output tycoon and signed a Shenzhen security market, has recently attracted collective denounce, called the power of brand. So the industry manufacturers are also constantly adapt to changes, improve the product line, explore new business models. In fact, the domestic and international economic situation changes greatly, and many enterprises at the beginning of 2012 it has great expectations. Of course there are on brand marketing understanding has not reached a certain depth and height of the reason. Many people on brand marketing look very mysterious. Think there are too high to be reached. There are a lot of people think that money is the brand advertisement to drop out, no funds, no brand at all. In fact, as long as the master of the true meaning of brand marketing, brand marketing should be.

To establish their own brand, must build the brand advantage, such as new product development advantage; production and supply capacity of the advantage; product quality and price advantage; channel advantage; service and customer service advantages. And truly the brand, in addition to its own products and services to achieve the ultimate, the appropriate input is also very important.

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