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Wireless video intercom doorbell home security is so simple
2011-11-23 10:58:51

        Generous man of the world was small, as science continues to progress, the number of human beings continue to create, invent and create more and more stand in front of these technologies have been widely used in various fields, and thus the benefit of mankind, making people quality of life by rising water, and thus alsoincrease the awareness of safety precautions.
        2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell is HongZhao core research and development of a fully independent multi-function 2.4G wireless doorbell, thedoorbell of the program in addition to video, intercom, unlock, infrared night visionfunction, but also has many user-friendly feature selection, such as brightness, sound adjustment, so that shading is moderate, moderate volume control; anothertime still unlock lock control and a variety of ways (electric lock, electromagneticlock), easy and user-friendly, is the home security the best choice.
       Wireless video intercom doorbell video intercom function can be achieved whena visitor, just before the doorbell by the guests, clear voice intercom call will be free,as a cordial conversation in front of visitors; followed by its outdoor monitoringfunctions: If you find the door of strange sound, as long as the touch, is very clear, not only safe and secure but also very convenient; third is remote unlocking function:sometimes the family home late, the weather is too cold outside; in a warm blanketdid not want it reluctantly, but it is can not open the door, then as long as yourcomputer; touch, both come to be seen, but also automatically unlock, really convenient; fourth photo archive feature : the owner was not at home, a visitor.Come as long as the touch of the doorbell, the indoor unit will automatically store thecamera's memory, are free to check back later. Miss any important meeting.


2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell

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