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Wireless video intercom system operation process
2012-05-22 08:56:23

The installation of a wireless intercom cell can leave the door in the closed state, thus reducing the external personnel entering rate, thereby protecting the area of security, the district staff are available through the key and the password to enter the area. If the visitor, through visual building systems to area residents dialogue, confirm the visitor 's identity, the homeowner can through building system of indoor machine to open the door, the whole process is simple, convenient, effective.

Residential district property management security departments through the residential security intercom management host, the area of the residential building security intercom system working condition monitoring. If the residential building entrance door is opened illegally, security intercom or line failure, residential security intercom management host can send out the alarm signal, display alarm content and location. Residential property management department and the tenants or tenants and tenants can be used between the system of mutual communication. If the property department inform residents pay various fees, property management departments to inform residents residential facilities, household repair in emergency situations to the community managers or neighborhood alarm etc..

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