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Wireless video intercom to create intelligent home furnishing
2012-06-15 09:34:11

The traditional wireless video intercom, includes only, unlock, intercom and other functions, and in the future, to the development of intelligent building intercom.

Development of linkage control forming three-dimensional protection system

Security alarm system is an essential part of the modern security. In the home of the gas alarm, Menci switch, smoke detectors can be linked to the building intercom. When nobody 's time, if the alarm rings, can be activated immediately building intercom, security personnel on duty through the visual system to see your home situation, timely rescue. For the protection of the owner 's life and property safety plays a significant protective effect.

Integration of multiple functions of community

Intelligent home furnishing system, building intercom in addition to basic intercom lock function, but also integrated SMS, announcements, images / message, electronic photo album, security alarm, access control, intelligent home furnishing, community shopping, information home and other functions and value-added services. In short, building intercom towards intelligent convenient way.

The future you injuries in the home cannot go downstairs for medical treatment, use the intercom, simply press a key, the community social worker will come to your home to help you go downstairs. If your home cooking salt is gone, and not convenient to go out and buy, only through the intercom to inform community grocery store, grocery store can be door-to-door.

In addition to these, such as domestic service, rental real services, e-commerce services, family fast food services, all kinds of electrical home maintenance services, sewer dredging service business can pass the building intercom the keys directly with the community store connection, make your life more convenient.

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