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Wireless video technology application
2012-10-06 08:56:49


We go out to dinner, we eat the hotel can see the body with the walkie talkie, we at dinner, she would always ask to the kitchen, the dishes are not identified, some words, give us down. This is very convenient, need not run back and forth, saving time.

In the shopping mall, see the salesperson is using wireless walkie-talkie, if we see a love clothes, like other codeword, shop assistant through the walkie-talkie to communicate and warehouse, ask this have no goods information.

I saw her when in use, I casually asked, do you know the intercom use is required, you know, she thought, that have not heard.

Just the opposite is a big supermarket, so we ran the walkie-talkie counter to ask, I say you sell wireless walkie-talkie has registered, he said not ah, how to register.

From here we can see, the walkie-talkie standard use need to increase strength, and to popularize the knowledge in this area for Walkie talkie.

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