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Wireless video transmission technology with smart home
2011-09-19 09:55:49

    For smart home systems, technology innovation is through consistency. Among them, the control signal transmission is the basis of smart home technology and the core. Currently, the smart home system signal transmission bus system is still mainly based, or are there auxiliary wireless technology. Overall, the bus system, a wired control system, the main pursuit of system stability and powerful features, and other sub-systems and the compatibility of residential area and information exchange, mutual control; and wireless control, mainly focused on the pursuit of free routing, and mobile control, especially for users who have been renovated to make intelligent transformation, which is the most important application of wireless systems. 

Therefore, the future intelligent home control signal transmission technology, radio is still the bus and the simultaneous development of two technologies, promote each other. In the same system, both wired control technology, and both wireless control technology, the two complement each other, complement each other. At present, most intelligent home control systems are both wired technology have wireless technology, because all classes of smart home technology, cable, wireless remote control will have, and this wireless remote control or infrared remote control is used, or radio frequency remote control, or through WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. to achieve; and wireless intelligent home control system also has the original wiring is based on the limited area to achieve free routing, wireless control. 

Currently, the bus smart home technology are EIB, LONWORKS, CANBUS, APBUS, CEBUS other bus technology, and wireless technologies mainly in RF, wireless infrared, ZIGBEE, 2.4G wireless and other technology-based. The future development of intelligent home control technology is expected to need wired in a certain way to control the area, will be using bus technology; wiring for seeking to be excused, and the pursuit of mobility and convenience of the region will adopt wireless technology. Through wired and wireless technology combination, reducing the amount of cable technology wiring projects, while avoiding the wireless signal coverage is limited, the signal susceptible to interference, signal instability defects, which make the system run more stable overall, operation more convenient, less the amount of wiring. 

For video intercom technology, has been from the previous black and white into full color video intercom video intercom, from a purely technical point of view, from the previous analog audio and video and bus control technology, developed to the TCP / IP technology as the core digital video intercom, video intercom system makes wiring easier, while the signal transmission distance is no longer a barrier to achieve control and video intercom remote video surveillance has become the development trend of the future. Of course, video intercom integration of smart home is the two industries or two kinds of technical development trend, video intercom need smart home features, and intelligent home video intercom need to promote the industry to large-scale development. 

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