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Wireless visual building the necessity of system
2012-05-21 08:38:23

Wireless visual intercom for modern residential area to provide a more convenient service, visitors between the user and the video communication, image voice double recognition increased residential reliability, at the same time, save time, improve the efficiency of life. In addition the wireless intercom systems can also be built in infrared alarm detector, smoke detector, gas alarm expedition equipment such as home furnishing, safety and security for the solid backing, can also be connected property management center wired or wireless device, so as to realize anti theft, disaster prevention, gas leakage prevention, safety protection, for homeowner the safety of life and property to provide maximum protection. It improves the overall district management and service level, to create a safe community living environment, and gradually becomes an indispensable equipment of comparatively well-off residence.

Large and medium-sized city house price has exceeded 10000yuan of one square metre, a set of 60-80square home furnishing housing needs60-80million yuan, and install a wireless visual building system only needs about 2200 yuan, to install a wireless intercom system can not only improve the residential quality, but also improve the sense of security of households, housing is also easier to sales.

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