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With smart home life will be like?
2011-09-27 08:40:50

With smart home life will be like? Just think: If you go out, you can phone, computer to remote control your home the intelligent system, such as opening the way home ahead of home air-conditioning and water heaters; home to open the door, with door sensor or infrared sensor, the system will automatically Open the aisle lights, and open electronic locks, security disarm, open home lighting and curtains to meet your return; back home, use the remote control you can easily control all electrical equipment room, intelligent lighting systems can be Select a preset lighting scenes, when he was studying to create a comfortable and quiet study; bedroom lights create a romantic atmosphere ... ... all of this, the owner can sit calmly on the sofa operation, a remote controller for all the family, such as drawing curtains, turn on the water bath and heated to automatically adjust the water temperature, adjust the curtains, lighting, sound state; kitchen with a video phone, you can cook one side, while receiving a call or check in front of visitors; in the company at work, home situation can also be displayed on the office computer or mobile phone at any time to view; take a photo with the door phone function, when no one home visit if there were, the system will take photos for you to check back ... ...
Smart Home can do a lot, in short, smart home system can have time to enjoy the comforts of life, but more to conserve electricity. No future residential smart home system can not access the Internet will be like today and the trend is not the same as residential,

smart home system

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