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building intercom technology Intelligent terminal will become industry
2011-09-13 09:55:37

Throughout the building intercom market development, building intercom products from China's technological development can be divided into four stages, namely the non-video intercom - black and white video intercom - color video intercom - home intelligent terminal (or digital video intercom). Early building intercom generally only to protect the safety of living environment, or "security-type building intercom," but with the residents of the area of ​​security management and property management requirements continue to increase, just provide a simple security feature can not meet the intelligence community to continue development. Thus, there has been family smart terminal, and gradually industrialized.

Technology upgrades beyond the original concept of the intercom
The late 1980s, building intercom function relatively simple, only the call, lock and other simple functions, households mainly through the intercom call, according to the visitor's voice to judge and decide whether to open the door, and the very small size of the market . Subsequently, the birth of video intercom system to increase the camera, display, sound, images, features began to diversify the direction of development, video intercom continues to expand and become the market mainstream products. In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technology, information dissemination technology, mobile phone short message distribution technology, technology, pictures messages, ip telephony, elevator linkage is also emerging networking technology intercom system has been widely used. Beginning in 2004, the family smart terminal (digital video intercom) to use in some high-end real estate, and the manufacturers pay attention to the appearance of beautiful, strange shapes, the development of information dissemination, image capture, image storage, remote meter reading, appliance control , and so functional touch screen, which goes beyond the original concept of building intercom, Internet technology also has been combined with the building intercom system.
Market demand for smart terminals industrial birth
Currently on the market, except for a few single-family, the network will be to call every household, and property owners call, release of public information, which is China's current development trend of building intercom products. With the real estate industry, market, high-end real estate is gradually increasing, many cities thousands of units of real estate everywhere, before it is over one thousand of properties for sale are hard to find.
New properties are springing up, considering the area of ​​security, high-grade and other factors, many are considering the construction of new real estate home intelligent terminal, which greatly enhanced the district's security and technology content, and therefore the sale price up a notch . Video intercom and intelligent home technology combination will undoubtedly speed up the depth direction toward the intercom market.
Good opportunity and a favorable platform for the development of digital
Late last year, the Ministry issued a circular calling starting in 2011, to stop analog radio Type Approval, the use of five years to complete the digital radio to replace analog radio. Meanwhile, 150MHz, 400MHz 25KHz channel spacing from the adjusted 12.5KHz, the radio frequency spectrum resource utilization has doubled. Ministry of Industry issued a notice on the machine building industry is talking about a new opportunity and new challenges. September 2008, the "digital radio alliance" (the "DRA") was established in Shenzhen, the industry of digital development of information sharing, training, exchange and cooperation platform for the enterprise standardization and efficient use of resources to effectively promote China's digital radio industry.
Smart terminals industrial manufacturers into a new opportunity for development, while both strengthening market competition. At present, coastal and developed areas, the family has been more and more intelligent terminal by developers recognized and accepted, although there are many way to go digital intercom, intercom, but in recent years, technology advances and integration of smart home technology are sufficient to prove intercom industry continues to mature, and toward the depth direction.


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