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So cool!Most creative doorbell selected (1)
2011-03-10 10:46:44


1、Enter key doorbell

The doorbell looks normally are very common, but stylist LiJianYe idea is different, the design gives a new "return key doorbell, no further elaboration, this is a cool idea

2、Piano doorbell

Despite the doorbell is less monotonous, but compared with piano sound or are quite different. China LiJianYe stylist designed a new piano doorbell. The doorbell several keys, and may be the guest free play.

3、LED the doorbell

This type of the doorbell looks just a 180 feet of metal buttons, but has LED the same light. This type of the doorbell attract people to click on it, just to watch it light up.

4、Instruments doorbell

This type of the doorbell by Max keane design completed, it by 13 aluminum bells made, inspired by objects, guest use your body vibration voice collision doorbell can sound, I believe every first saw the doorbell guests will gladly a smile. You can also use for this doorbell download software ITUNES ring.

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